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I only saw a A/V hardware section in these  new forums. I didnt see any other place for general hardware questions so I am posting this here. I am looking to get a fightstick for my xbox. I know that the cheaper fightsticks use cheaper american parts and the various Tournament Edition fightsticks (streetfighter, mvc3, even some of the other brands not tied directly to a specific game) use higher quality japanese sticks and buttons (Sanwa for example). I am looking at the Street Fighter IV Tournament Editiion Round 2 Fight Stick. The question I have is about upgrades. I have seen people post on various forums that they are upgradeing their Tournament Edition fightstick to better Sanwa parts.

I know the standard edition fightsticks need the joystick and buttons upgraded but if you have a tournament edition fightstick is there really anything becides changeing the square restrictor plate to an octogonal one that would need upgradeing?

I have seen only one level of Sanwa buttons 30mm size other than chooseing the style of installation. But I have seen a few different Sanwa joystick models available. Are these people upgradeing their joystick and buttons for nothing or does the Tournament Edition fightsticks come with authentic japanese sanwa parts but they are a lower end sanwa parts and they are just getting the higher end Sanwa joysticks?

I want the tournament edition fightstick because its a little bigger than the standard edition and I dont want to buy an extra joystick and buttons if the ones that come in the tournament edition fightsticks are already the best Sanwa joystick and buttons available.

Anyone with knowledge about this would be helpfull.



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Well, I know some of the "sanwa" fightsticks you get in those bundles have sanwa buttons but generic stick though a few of them now have both. I personally have been doing good w/ Hori parts although most go with Sanwa. as far as needless replacements go, I would have to say: yes...while they may get an extra mm of spring action the lateral upgrade of one sanwa/hori for another of the same brand is pointless...that is unless the parts in question are breaking down.

Hori is the best stick to with. It uses a genuine Sanwa stick with Hori buttons and the price is way better than the other guy's sticks. Some people say that the Hori buttons are not as responsive as the name brand buttons but honestly, I could not see a difference in my Hori EX stick. Also I got mine online on sale and they shipped it right to my doorstep within a week. You can't beat that!