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Woot! I finally beat gears 3 on Insane. How many of you beat it on Insane? and please post your highlighted moments and hardest.

The hardest part for me was the Gunkers on the bridge in act 2 and beating Myrrah on act 5. and my favorite moment was getting span killed during the Gas barge scene (Before you hi-jack the barge). What are yours?


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OMG in Act 1 after you land from zip-lineing down to the bridge. The Gunker would keep getting a single hit quad on us( 4 player co-op) for about 8 tries. Finally I got a break; ran down the bridge a little bit and used my Boomshot to get him. It was LULZ. Ive gotten into act 3 on insane but I'm scared of the Berzerker at the fort. lol.

It can be pretty brutal on some parts.

I've done the whole game on Insane except for the last part fighting Myrrah's flying bug thing. Our whole team gets wiped after a good fight, it seems bugged though, sometimes we just can't bring her down, it's as if she's stuck in a loop on 'phase 1'.

I figured out a way to defeat myrrah, Get the Super Reload mutator and do Insane by yourself. The Mutator helps against the Theron Guards. the reason you do it by yourself is because it scales the difficulty playing online. Took me 40:00 Minutes :( But it's worth it!

I beat all 3 on Insane. ^_^