Tough Decision Between Looks

Alright, this is going to seem rather a strange thing to ask.  But I finally got my Demonhunter (Crossbow/Bow, Two Hander) past 40 and have the majority of the perks I wanted and FINALLY have my set going for RP purposes.  Now comes the difficult part which I hope those with good taste can assist me with.


I have a Daedric Bow and Dragonbone Bow/Greatsword but can not decide which would benefit a Hunter of demonic creatures, or in this instance Daedra/Vampires and Dragons even though Dragons aren't really demonic but she's the Dragon Born.  I thought of going with the Daedric Bow with the Dragonbone Greatsword but I am having a hard time with the look of Dragonbone.  For awhile I was sporting Carved Nordic Armor with the Dark Brotherhood head piece with % bow damage but I upgraded to the Ebony chest, Daedric gloves, Daedric boots with the same hood.


I know it's a silly thing to discuss on forums but this is an OCD thing with me and I can't decide.  I also thought of using both Dragonbone weapons.  From an RP standpoint she could use the bones of slain Dragons to help her in her quest to rid Skyrim of Demonic forces.  I could use some advice Q_Q  Other than, "Turn off the game" of course because I don't play 24/7, I just like armors a certain way ._.


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Also gonna add armor choices.  For the character type I posted, the Crossbow/Bow with a Two Hander Demon Hunter, would the Dragonbone armor feel more like the kind of armor that would suit the style of RP or would sticking with Ebony Armor, Daedric Gloves, Daedric Boots and the Dark Brotherhood Cowl Maskless seem the better fit?  Another thing that is driving me batty atm ._.  Also suggestions for a hood to go with the Dragonbone Armor would help.  Really trying to stick to an Archer like helm.

People RP on solo games?

I have OCD tendencies myself (at least that's what I've been told) but in any case, if I were going to be a demon hunter I would go with all Dragonbone.


Why? Simple (for me). Think along the lines of 'imitation is the most sincere form of flattery'. Most Daedra are considered evil... demons, in and of themselves. If my role is to hunt and kill them, I'm not giving them the 'satisfaction' of mimicking them in the process.


Besides, being the Dragonborn, what better way to represent one-self than to wear dragonbone armor?


Let my enemies know who I am! Let them see what I am! Let them hear my name and know their end is nigh!  Mwahahahahahaha!

It's too bad there aren't more powerful silver swords. Those would be the best demon hunting.

Anyway. I see a Demon Hunter using Daedric weapons, as daedric stuff is embued with the captured souls/spirits of demons.

@KaMooseKazi  People do actually RP in single player games.  I know it might seem weird and all but having the right outfit, weapons and perk setup make it alot more enjoyable to some people ^.^

@Blue and Jameser   Took your advice going with Dragonbone and Daedric.  I went with the Dragonbone Chest with the Daedric Gauntlets and Boots with the Daedric Bow and Dragonbone Greatsword.  It actually looks really good.  Shocked me a little.


The Daedric Bow is enchanted with 9 second Soul Capture.  From an RP perspective the Daedric Bow will take the souls of those who are evil.  She wears the Daedric Gloves to aid in the control of the bow since it is imbued with the many souls of the Daedra she's extinguished.  The Daedric Boots are pretty much just to compliment the gloves and the Dragonbone Chest is to aid in her protection and to show she is Dragon Born.


Really love the comments and the assistance.  Thanks all ^.^

Once I crafted some Daedric stuff that was all I used until Dragonborn came around. Now I roll with a dragonbone sword and bow, which both are much stronger for than daedric. My advice is go with what you want.

Since we are talking about a RP issue here, I would ask your character. Are your a purist Witchhunter,

Meaning that you will not touch anything of the Defilers' equipment other than to destroy it. Or are you

More of a guerilla Witchhunter, which means you choose to use everything that your enemy will provide

To you via their cold dead corpses? If you are somewhere in the middle, then mix and match according

To personal taste.

I wouldn't care lol, Dragonbone weapons and Daedric armour.

I already made my decision but to let you know SYK she will use whatever she can from the corpses of the enemies she slays.  If it helps her get the job done she'll use it.  I went with the Dragonbone Chest, Daedrid Gauntlets, Daedric Boots, Daedric Bow and Dragonbone Greatsword.  The combo looks amazing on a female Nord.

I always enchant soul trap on weapons at 1 second.

Going to be using the weapon anyway, so a kill shot will take a soul, and this allows for longer use before needing a charge.

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