T.O.U. Violation

The following are the reference numbers for my formal complaints, starting with

Xbox Live Ref, #1155977635

EA  Ref. #: 110611-009167

My club is being held ransom by a player with the gamertag "SunshineSumo59". We were #1 in North America for the season prior to this incident. At approximately 10pm last night, this play was kicked off the club because  he was obnoxiously inferior in skill to the rest of the club. When he was kicked, he was still in the match lobby. Now, he is refusing to leave, effectively preventing us from playing club matches. If this continues for a protracted period of time our chances to win the league will be highly diminished.

The club "Fancy Footwork" is promising to let him play with them if he continues with this for a long time, so they in turn are "sponsoring" this debacle.

Please help us ASAP. All we need is a temporary ban of any kind or any other executive action that might possibly get him to disconnect from xbox live for a period of no more that 1 second (!).


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