totally unbecoming behavior by user

I let my son play Xbox Live on my account while supervising him. After 1 game, he was sitting in a lobby waiting on the next round to start.  His expression changed and
I asked him what was wrong.  He just removed the headset and walked away.  I listened and heard user [Mod removed] describing how he was going to [Mod removed], (myusername)".  I filed an online complaint, avoided the user, then disconnected.  My wife, my son's mother, died a little over a year you could understand why he is still upset an hour later.  Despite him being upset, I am infinitely more angry.

Then, after I cooled off,  I looked at said user's profile, and his status is "blacklisted." 

This user has obviously violated the Terms of Agreement before, being "blacklisted", and now has done so again.  I want action taken by Microsoft to ensure this kind of action doesn't happen to anyone else at [Mod removed] hands again.

Also, Microsoft customer service assistant "Adam" did an excellent job handling the situation when I spoke to him.



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Please refrain from player attacking/naming and shaming. It isn't fair to sling mud at someone if they can't defend themselves.

You could defend that?  No one could.  It's not an attack or mudslinging when the said things are a fact.  This isn't a smear campaign, obviously.  

[quote user="ROLO TAMASSI"]

You could defend that?  No one could.  It's not an attack or mudslinging when the said things are a fact.  This isn't a smear campaign, obviously.  


Yes. This is.

Despite the issue being resolved, you still feel the need to single out one particular user, an act which is against the rules of this forum.


How old is your son?  Sometimes finding friends to play online in a group your own age helps to some extent. My son has made many friends his own age who wind up becoming buds with his local friends.....(after they've gone a screening process with me of course) His friends aren't perfect as most 12 to 14 yr olds aren't but the kids have respect towards me and I give it back, yea they do trash talk each other from time to time but boys will be boys and they do stick up for each other as friends should.

If you want to chat look me up.

[quote user="ROLO TAMASSI"]

You could defend that?  No one could.  It's not an attack or mudslinging when the said things are a fact.  This isn't a smear campaign, obviously.  


My apolagies if I upsetted you.

Anyone who has been a member of XBL for more than 30 days should know full well what kind of environment it is and should take precautions when allowing minors to play in certain online games. Unless the game is rated E+10 then you should expect a level of profanity/immaturity from the other players. 


Please use the tools on your console to adjust your Online Safety Settings when you allow your son to play. Or just don't give him a headset/turn up the volume on the tv. 


Also as stated we only have your side of the story, until we have the alleged offenders side of it this is just slander on your part. That is why naming and shaming is not allowed here. 


If you want action taken against the offender then you need to file a complaint via the console, then mute and block communications. From there MS/XBL PET will take the necessary actions when they review the complaint. Enforcement action is not instant. 


You can put someone's name up but once and only you have premission from Customer Service after you have rang up and told them what happen and then after you have asked what to do they'll tell you what do. Also some people have been sending me Harrasment message's and they have been banned once it has hit Youtube and the person I know has looked at it and heard what was said to me.

Also I understand ROLO TAMASSI feels I have lost my grandpa two years ago and hearing what was being said can be hurtful to the their son or daughter most people enjoy getting a luagh at other people's hurting and it makes many mad at them what ROLO TAMASSI did was right  by ringing up Xbox LIVE Support and such so congrats to them for doing that.



That's not correct. It does not matter if you called support or not.  We do have a strict policy against “Name & Shame” in the forums. It is against our forum Code of Conduct to call out other users’ Gamertags for any reason.  If you have any doubt please see this post on Harassment, filing a complaint, and managing communication. This post forum a support agent even states it is against the rules.

OP example demonstrates the risks of ever letting a minor play on a unrestricted account, using a headset. Use caution in future, but the experience may never be 100% benign.

If he had his own account, you could manage his online safetly by lmiiting his voice to friends only!