Totally frustrated with ACB - Restrictive and Ridiculous

After playing a great game Assasin's Creed II, I started AC Brotherhood with high expectations.  The game is far more limiting than AC II, as that game let you freely walk and revist areas unlocked to you.  Now, it appears, that as you go through the Districts of Rome and follow the Black exclamation point memories, you are locked out of the districts you were previously in.  I followed Machavelli to the Collesium, and now district Centro is unreachable and all of the renovated shops, and my freaking banks.  This is a huge step back, how is the player to complete the quests such as Borgia Towers if he is not left back in!  I can only hope that this restriction is lifted and you can walk freely in the districts you have unlocked.  I wanted to get the smoke bomb pouch and am screwed.  Next, what is with the incredibly difficult 100% synchonization objectives?  Some of them are very ridiculous and am in no mood to continually replay to get 100% synchonization.  This game is definitely less fun, a big headache.  Sometimes it is better not to mess around with a great thing.  For those who have played, can you go back into districts later to get the Borgia towers, etc, or do I have to follow the restrictive memories to the end and then replay the game knowing I must never go to the next memory until every single thing is done in the district?  I will try to play on, hoping this gets better, but what a letdown.  Thanks for any help!



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Yes you will be able to go back into the districts & the Borgia towers too.

Thanks for the quick reply. OK, so I probably won't go back and start over then.  I do find it incredible though that a goal of the game is not to get hit one time by 12 to 20 Followers of Romulus that have one assassin completely surrounded.  It is not impossible, but improbable. The smoke bomb would help, but I did not get it right away as I should have.

In ACB, it's usually just easier to stand and fight a group of 10+ rather than trying to run away.  Counterkill the first thing you can, execution streak as far as possible, counterkill as required, move on.

Well they're not just going to hand everything to you. Some aspects of the game need to be challenging. Most of the quests are pretty easy to get 100 sync on but they needed to make a couple difficult to get one hundred percent on. Do as kr0nai instructed and use the execution streak. If you're unsure which one to direct your attack at next? The one with the flashing health bar will always attack next and you never get attacked by two at once. So direct your next attack towards the flashing target and you shouldn't have any problems. If you're still having problems use smoke bombs. Or use them from the start, whatever is easier for your playing style.

I managed to defeat them without getting hit using counterstrike and execution strike, it just took me many attempts.  Also, once I was out of the Halls of Nero (didn't do in 8 minutes) I found that the Centro district was now available again, so I upgraded to heavy axe which was better than the common sword I had first time.   I never knew about the flashing health bar, I will look out for it.  

Also, the smoke bomb does not work at all on the Followers of Romulus, so you must defeat them with sword and blade.  

Now I will try to do the Halls of Nero again to do in 8 minutes to get 100% sync. That's the only one I have not done in 100% sync.   I understand about making the game challenging, but in some cases it can be too challenging.  The underground lairs that have many jumping puzzles take time, and knowing where to go and jumping fast to complete in 8 minutes the very first time is really unrealistic. I would like to know how many people actually did that one 100% first time.  

Thanks for the help!  

Halls of Nero in 8 minutes was just aggravating. It would be easy if you jumped in the direction you were facing 100% of the time but of course that doesn't happen. Finally got it though with about 30 seconds to spare. But yes, this game is frustrating. Mostly the camera though. I don't remember AC 1 and 2 being crappy with the cam. Still a great game though.

you just gotta have the fingers for it hahahaha i got a hundo on everything there is

I don't think anyone synched the game 100% their first go around. And yes, there are certain areas that can get quite frustrating, failed the Young at Heart thieves quest so many times with 15 second left, man talk about a headache there.




Halls of Nero isn't that bad, as long as you collect your bearings when you pass the portion where the oil is on fire, then get dumped in that room, cut scene takes place where one of the Romulus leaders kills one of this own for leading you to 'em. The probability of going in wrong direction is fairly well once the cut scene ends and you are able to advance. If you get it right, you should finish this no problem.




Remember at the end forget about all the other treasure chests, just take the key and simply leave to make sure you complete in time.

Hi, but it seems that you have to be more patient. AC Brotherhood starts out quite slowly, as you progress through the story, everything will come back to you slowly. :)