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Just started my legendary dig deep game, but am having some serious trouble going anywhere.  I can not seem to find any coal in any of my caves.  I found about five at the beginning but cant find anymore.  Since I cant find any I cant go anywhere.  I have to keep taking all my torches off the walls just to go a bit farther.  Is it supposed to be this hard, or is it just unlucky caves?  Also, it said there are more food sources, but I don't know what they are.  Are they mushrooms, and if so do you have to cook them?  Besides these things Im having a great time and can't wait for the new updates!  Any help would be appreciated.




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It's a dollar.

IMO, Your better off waiting for minecraft to be released for the 360 or buying it on the PC~

I just feel that they changed where they are found.  There are none to be found in the tunnels between the ground and the first lava cave.

I'm not quite sure what you're asking? Do you want to know if there are more blueprints?

Well I finally found enough coal.  Ended up just having to explore in the dark a bit before I placed my torches.  Also, did they change where blueprints are located?  Because on my first world a lot of the blueprints were on top and in the tunnels.  Now that I have found all the ones on to, I have yet to find anymore.

Fire good. Fire cook. Fire be big help.

Thanks I will go there.  But mushrooms... In a furnace?

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You might want to try asking here. It is the official forums and the developers and admins are pretty active there. I haven't played much since the huge update, but I do know that coal is rather rare near the surface. It might be the exact opposite of what you think, that you're unlucky. It could be that you're extremely lucky for finding coal at such a low depth. Like I said, I haven't played much since the update, but prior to it I know that you cooked fish by putting it in the furnace so I am sure that is how other food items are cooked as well.