Total Miner project: bigest airport ever

If you have total miner and youve made your own airport you might think its good. if so then think again as your airport may only be a big block with another block for a plane. so if this is you then consider viewing my world as I have made what seems to be the bigest airport on total miner wich covers a large area of land. and so far it is only half way through.

this is what me and my mates have done:

  • a grand terminal- complete with a starbucks, LOL. also has three airlines which are fake but match the giant timetable on display.
  • three boarding mini terminals- complete with toilets, restaurants, mcdonalds, a shop, over 6 gates and more still to do.
  • a viewing area- still to complete
  • a luggage area- almost done
  • five detailed planes- so far
  • tunnels
  • arrivals
  • Immigration-looks cool
  • runway- to complete
  • hangers- 1 so far
  • taxi ways- just started

and this is the stuff to start on:

  • a tower
  • a huge airport fence
  • more planes
  • more parking spaces for planes
  • a huge hotel
  • a parking lot
  • gas station
  • car hire center
  • headquarters for fake airliners
  • airport signs/road signs

up to this point it took about a month to get to this point and we arnt even done. but if you do get the chance to see it that would be grateful.


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Any pictures?

Sorry, but people stopped caring about those Indie games when Minecraft hit the 360.

I still play them. Minecraft isn't much of an improvement when played on consoles.

But people are after that 'official' branding that is Minecraft.

It doesn't matter if the knock-offs improve on the experience, Minecraft is the official one.

People buy in on the brand name.

I agree with gameshoes, sort of like Pepsi and Coca-Cola ;)

[quote user="DeviantRealm"]

Sorry, but people stopped caring about those Indie games when Minecraft hit the 360.


ive tryed minecraft and to be honest it isnt that good. all you can do is place blocks and doors and kill animals. but total miner is better because its a finnished game. it has a creation mode. creation mode lets you make what you want if you want to.

as from now my world is 1.2MB so ist obviosly big even though you dont have proof yet.

Why would you create a post about this without uploading any photo's of it? It seems like a big waste of your time....just sayin'