Torgue, voted the best over all weapon manufacture in the game.

Awhile back the forum regulars voted Torgue the best over all weapon and shield manufacture in the game.

"Torgue combines good damage, high fire rate and recoil reduction into one lethal weapon!" - Marcus Kincaid

"400 percent more awesome! Also, Torgue doesn't make their guns out of freakin' wood!" - Marcus Kincaid

The next time you go shopping for a new gun, ask yourself one question: Are you a man? If you answer in the affirmative, then you're ready for a Torgue. You see, we at Torgue make guns for real men. Tough guys. Bada$$es. The kind of guys your dad was and you hope to be! Torgue doesn't *** around making lightweight toys and we sure as hell aren't concerned with selling you a stylish accessory like those guys in the hip-huggers over at Maliwan. No. We make them tough, and we make them heavy. It's up to you to make 'em dead. Do it with a Torgue.
— Torgue sales pitch, Official Borderlands Guide

"TORGUE! Ba$**** Guns for Ba$**** People!"


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Heey... I Love my Maliwan =P

Fire and Corrosive? Pure Epicosity if you ask me.


very few of their weapons are any good, and you could not even name any other than the Hell fire or Defiler.

Vitriolic Crux, There, it's not the Hellfire or Defiler =)

Troll thread. Move on man the past is the past. New poll?

they could not even give it the correct name Maliwan Plague, the Crux title can get it confused with the other Crux weapon by S&S, this is a reason why Maliwan and S&S lost that the game makers could not even get their own titles correct. Like the S&S Draco, does not have the correct name and looks like a Glorious Massacre that some weapon hunters will over look.

I like S&S for mag size but for overall awesome I prefer Torgue.

its all about stopping power  from the thunder that i have to the anarchy which is my baby:)-torgue is a beast -wish they have a corrosive  weapon .they have nice shredder or matador shotgun i use for modpiercing weapon-the standard torgue shotgun is a beast.other than that they are pretty nice guns.