Torchlight / leaderboard error

*can not connect to leaderboard/please check connection(or something like that)* ...pops up every 10 seconds during the game. I've restarted. I've been connected the entire time. Anyone know a fix? This blows.


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You still having the problem?

Exact same thing happened to me. Hopefully it gets fixed

The leaderboard servers(at microsoft?)were down. Most games will run without them, but Torchlight has to have them available or you get a pop up every 15 seconds. A few of us were discussing it on the developer forum, so maybe they will have time to patch how the game handles this problem? In the future, if the leaderboard is gone/changed, how does that work. Actually, I was wondering also, would going offline allow you to play the game(when servers are down)? I didn't try, I may try that next time it happens.

i have never seen this happen before. the leaderboards are fun for you and everyone else on your friends list but the world wide leaderboards are full of no life *** modders so does it matter?

Exactly Levi Dragon 88. This game doesn't need them. (I need to find out if Google Chrome can do quotes now)