Top Spin 4 any good?

Im finished playing Fifa with its broken online play and random matches which don't determine skill, so would like to move onto something different but still sport related.

I have tried the Top Spin 4 demo and think I would enjoy it, not being a huge tennis fan however is my only concern and I would possibly get bored UNLESS the online play is deep, addictive and competitive without being broken or cheap.

That's why I made this post to ask you guys who have the game if it's any good.

So how is it and Is the game worth buying for the online?



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I really like Top Spin 4.

The developers support it well as they make updates that address balancing issues and whatnot.

They also ban people who cheat.


Also there's a nice community that plays this game.


Unfortunately for me I absolutely suck at online play (I have yet to win a game) and there are achievements tied to online play.


Like all games however, there are limitations.

You'll notice that there's a massive drop in customization from Top Spin 3 to this game (aside from the face builder which is just awesome).

Also online play tends to match you with people from far away which creates massive lag.


Anyway I think it's worth it.

That forum you posted seems cool and I love games with a good community. I also read on it that there was a recent update for the game which makes gameplay even better. Thanks

Don't know any other tennis games out there.

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