Top 3 maps

I do enjoy all the maps except the London one.  The ones where you play as R.U.F or whatever they call them in MW3 are pretty awesome too but my 3 favs are:

  1. Bootleg : Reminds me of playing showdown from COD4.  The flow of the map is intense and has a solid balance of smgs vs **** rifles
  2. Bakkaraa:  My favorite **** rifle map, holding down the helicopter with that turret is epic, it reminds me of blackhawk down.  Also the map has a nice mix of everything, but being able to snipe properly on it is why I like it so much.
  3. Seatown: All the small corriders and ambush points are intense, half the time I think I'm going to have a heart attack turning around corners never knowing what you will find.  It's all out smg cqc, no bs just straight business.
I hope they bring bloc back though, that was my favorite sniping map of all time and while I think it wouldn't play the same with thermals, it would still be fun to try but all in all I enjoy the new direction IW has taken with the maps forcing people to be nomadic and making it near impossible to lonewolf and succeed like in previous installments.

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