Top 10 Bargain Games

Well I finally did it. I attempted a commentry on youtube :)

So could you let me know what you think? suggestions?

Keep in mine this is my first attempt using windows movie maker and an old mic headset so be kind :)


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i dont think you are allowed to advertise on forums only in sigs i believe? (ytube vids that is)

Not bad hey how do you post a link on the forums properly?

Sorry i didnt mean to break any rules. i was looking more for feedback then advertising on this first vid.

You're not breaking any rules.  That's not advertising...

I thought it was a good list.  All except MW2 for no. 1.

You forgot the best bargain game of them all, Shadowrun. Hard to beat the unique FPS experience for like 5 bucks.

Good video. I think, except for Halo and The Orange Box, I've played all the games in the list.

Thanks very much , alot of people disagree with one ha i do think its worth it however

@dappleyard. How did u put this together? The video and audio that is......I like the video +1, however I disagree with borderlands, the boring single player completly moves this from the top ten to the top put gta in that spot