Took me 38 tries to connect to a zombie game

But don't worry about fixing your broken system Treyarch, just keep pumping out those terrible over-priced map packs.


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Wow,Iam realy shocked no one hasnt flamed u yet for saying something about BO?But i here ya.Try to get in a match and it takes awhile,or lag,lag,lag.......Ugh....No fun at all.Love the game alot,just wish they would do something already about this problem.Wait thow iam sure someone will call ya a cry baby.Or no skill.Or its your IP or get a better router.

It says there's 50 games available, then it dumps me into a lobby with myself, and doesn't find any other players. I've been experiencing this since the game launched. Just another reason to not support activision anymore. Battlefield 3, here I come.

Zombie matchmaking is poo. I will note the BOs old W@W maps DO NOT have ANY mm probs though. I find a full match in those rather easily and quickly.

Zombie matchmaking has always been crap and I don't know why they haven't fixed it yet. Friends do come in handy for zombies though.

And it took me 38 tries to post in this thread.

Hey mattks you should read this post and give treyarch an idea of what they should be doing....

Which is why I only play zombies with friends instead of using that useless matching making.