Too much to ask?

Please, for the love of Theresa, can we get a "Repair All" button for the houses? It's ridiculous.


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I don't think posting here will get the message to Lionhead, but you know, they do have a website.

Though I do agree.. I didn't buy some of the cheaper houses because I didn't want to have to bother with repairing them.

That is why I only buy the shops or only the house I live in.

The house management system of Fable 3 is just horrible. They really didn't put any thought into it.

i was just thinking that tonight. also, a USABLE map

Its not just the house management thats horrible its the whole bloody game as well.

Nah, it's a good game.. It does need a Repair All though..

Yep it does need a repair all button but since lionhead is working on other games we probably wont see anything like that