Too many weapons?

Gears of war typical fashion is to add all these cool new features without perfecting everything else first. Perfect example gears 2 & 3 numerous amount patches and updates.
Going to run through all my complaints with all these guns so haters you're gunna love it.

Markza & Breechshot: (kinda familiar so going to analyze them together) Both these guns are semi-automatic precision rifle that from the videos are 2 shots in the head. I feel like both these guns triumph the longshot. I would much rather choose either of these guns than the longshot for the simple fact I could get 4-5 shots off these guns to maybe 2 shots of the longshot. All in all these triumph the longshot and better not be starting weapons.

Tripwire Crossbow: (cousin of torquebow) don't we already have enough explosive weapons, oh you can never have to many. YES YOU CAN. This gun will be used and abused. People will set these "tripwires" at ankle height on staircases, around corners, and everywhere and people will die before they even know why. This gun has a cool concept, but its just too much too soon.

Booshka: Only new gun i'm really a fan of. Brand new concept to the gears arsenal with the ricochet aspect. Very unique and should be a fun, complex, non-noob gun to use. Assuming it has a controlled explosion radius.

Here is Grenades: First of there seems to be a lot of grenades now, I believe 4, and if your only allowed to hold 1 grenade type at a time it could pretty annoying having to choose.

Beacon Grenade: Awesome Idea! I am a huge fan of this grenade and hopefully it has an appropriate radius/timing. This will allow for great strategic attacks if used properly.

Stim-gas Grenade: Very useful if utilized correctly, but If i had to choose one of the other three grenades to hold; incendiary, gas, or beacon I would choose them all over the stim. I feel like it is a really cool, unique grenade but will just not be utilized fully.

Off the top of my head gears 2 & 3 didn't have this much of an introduction to its arsenal as judgement will be and I think it is just a little too much. We already have *** ton of guns and I don't want to turn this game into Call of Duty. Feel free to say why you think i'm wrong below.


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I think the issue will not be with weapons as much as the faster arcade pace of the game.

As I stated before its all just too much and I don't think its going to work out.

you seem to play Halo 4, doesnt that game have a ton of weapons plus vehicles? seems to work, right? same with Cod and the Battlefield games

lmao it's my roommates game and frankly, no pun intended, I'm not a fan and I hate what they did with that game. Also it doesn't work in my opinion.

like i said, i am more worried about the faster pace with them going away from a third person cover game to an all out run and gun fest

whats wrong with more choices!

well assuming(from past maps) that each map has 6-8 weapons laid out across the map that are able to be picked up and that there is 17 power weapons total, 6 more than gears 3. It is just going to be overwhelming and just too much, especially since gears is notorious for problems.

List of guns for reference^

Has the Tripwire been comfirmed for multiplayer? It's seems like they're just going to have it for Campaign like the boltok is.

from the videos it just looks like campaign and non verses multiplayer

I think all these guns but the Breechshot will make the game better. No one would really used the Markza and the Tripwire Crossbow and the Booshka. But the Beacon and Stim-gas adds to more strategical game play. The Breechshot is a one shot headshot, plus it's automatic. So it's kinda unfair. The Booshka is a automatic grenade launcher, but if you miss, the radius is too small to do any real damage. The Marka is weaker then the Breechshot, but shoots faster. I feel that it's too week, to make any real affect.

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