Too many snipers in multiplayer??

I love this game, but when I'm in multiplayer (especially on my favorite maps) there's just too many people sniping. It get ridiculous. Your opinion??


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There will always be too many snipers in any FPS Multiplayer you play.

dog tag heaven.

Zombie you got it right, easy prey for those dog tags!

The good ones can get annoying but most are bad so you get a few bullets whizzing by your head and carry on your way.

I don't find there to be too many. They can be annoying at times though.

Got 4 in a row last night in the fort on Op mortar, silly idiots were lined up, all watching Echo through thier scopes. MELEE, MELEE, MELEE, MELEE. EASY PICKENS

I have always wanted a bolt action rifle no scopes allowed sniper only lobby. Well, it would be fun in CoD, and maybe fun in BF too...........But EVERYONE has to use the unscoped bolts.

Camping snipers are a rare breed on this game Im running into quick scope an powerful or OVER powered pistols, yeah WAY too may imho.

I don't melee them anymore. Got to get those pistol kill for that assignment...