Hey there guys, I have started playing Too Human again and really enjoy it to be honest, I loved it when I first played it, but got new games, now I'm playing it again. If anyone still has the game, please continue reading this post.

I am a Cybernetic Commando, Level 50 and need the XABR-1337 Experimental Battle Rifle, level 50 version, preferably with epic runes in that boost the reload speed and shooting speed. I also need that Aesir armour or the epic armours, you know the best ones in game? Preferably with epic runes in that as I said increase reload speed or damage, because I had the full shibang but it got wiped accidentally, LOL. So if anyone still plays this game and has what I'm looking for, could you give them to me or dupe them for me, It would be highly appreciated. 

It's a shame this game isn't popular to be honest, because whenever I post about it NOONE replies. 

So yeah, as I said, if you could give me those items it would be so appreciated.

Thanks guys.


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here you can find the help you are looking for :

Hmmm. I think I got a dusty copy somewhere. Honestly loved it.  I know I have a ton of red and orange crap so I'll take a gander.

Cheers Bergan :P

I have and beat the game once over and started a new character class so I am pretty sure I dont have the items in question but will check anyways...glad to see someone else truly enjoys the game...soldier on!

Well starting a new character doesn't delete your other one, so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem. And yeah, it's a good game, it shouldn't of been slated off by everyone. Thanks.

I might actually go back and play again. I liked it too, think Im like level 40 or something

I really enjoyed the game when it came out, although it was supposed to be 4P co-op & got cut down to 2P, that was a shame.

Even tho I still have my copy, unfortunately I can't help you out because I lost my game save a few years ago.

I had 1 friend complete all the achievements back then & I should of asked him for help with it but never bothered.

I'll check mine later tonight :)

Thanks Blarga I appreciate it :P