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Anybody think this game is a little too Hard?  I've played both 1 and 2 on Normal.  1 I didn't really have an issue with, 2 was just flat out unfair, and I'm still shocked I even beat it with how hard that last boss was and how much little ammo I had.  

I was really enjoying this game up until the end of Chapter 4.  Then things got absurd.  That fire part at Chapter 6 is rough.  And what really makes thing worse is that I clicked Saved at the end of Chapter 6 and when I went back i'm somewhere in the middle.  I don't get it.



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Are you playing alone? Its a bit challenging at times, but nit so bad with another person. Don't give up, great story so far. On chap 18 and loving it.

Nope, playing with another friend.  Both play games pretty frequently.   This game has been relentless at times. But on normal lol.  The second one got like that too. I usually beat every game I play, but DS2 was relentless towards the end.  DS1 I never had an issue with.  I think it has to do with the way the upgrading system works with the guns and how confusing they are.

Yeah the guns are a bit confusing heh I'm still trying to figure it out

There's a thread on here about the weapons crafting system.  You should check it out.  People have posted some good set ups for weapons.  It's under "craftsmanship thread"  about 4 pages back

Thanks for the Tip BazementGremlin.  I will check it out.  I know the game got a little better after Chapter 6.  Now we are back to enjoying the game and on Chapter 11.  I also bought I think all DLC, including awakened which came with some weapons.  Which helped out a lot.

Man I really miss playing this game! Anyways, it definitely can be a tough game. My first playthrough was solo on Hard difficulty and I got stuck a few times (and I considered myself a DS pro). After understanding the weapon set ups I did much better so I'm glad you hung in there :) As the guy above said there's a thread with tons of great idea's for weapons combinations, here's the link