I had to stop playing this game the other day because the frequency & absurdly bad timing of dragons was driving me insane. I was doing the Dark Brotherhood questline & after I walked out of the Abandoned shack -- dragon; when I fast traveled to Falkreath to go to the DB Sanctuary -- dragon; when I did EACH of the 1st three contracts you get  -- dragon, dragon... dragon.


Today I got Hearthfire (which is great, btw) and in the 2 or so hours I've been playing I've had to fight 5 *** dragons. I mean seriously, there comes I time when I just want to play & not stop what I'm doing every 5 minutes to fight a damned dragon. There's nothing wrong w/ dragons per se, but like I said, their frequency & bad timing needs to be patched -- at least give us a setting option for dragon frequency: rare, common, frequent & daily... or something to that affect.


Rant over, troll on...


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Who doesn't love epic dragon battles?


I don't think anyone is complaining about the dragon battles themselves. Myself--and quite a few other people, judging by my google search--are complaining about the frequency & bad timing of the attacks. If I fast travel 5 times & fight 3 dragons, I consider that overkill & imo, it takes away from the game.

I thik i could be the ony persn who lkes the idea of npcs being killed. Makes it realistic imo. I mean, why do the people of Skyrim need a savior if they can`t die? Just sayin.

I have to agree with the OP in some respect.

Yes Dragons are part of the game and yes the battles are cool but when you have a fist full of fetch missions and you just want to get from point "A" to "B" as quickly as possible they just become annoying.

I finished the main game 100+ hours back (I'm at 244 now ) and TBH it wouldn't hurt my feelings any if they disappeared for a while.

Looking at my stats page I see that i have 98 dragon souls collected, TBH I think that is plenty.

I already have double the souls needed than I have shouts unlocked.

yeah, it would hurt my feelings any to not have to fight a Dragon for a while....

Just got a shout location from a friend and off i went. 15 minutes and 3 blood dragons later i get the shout and also stumble across another shout. Sorry OP but I couldn`t disagree more. The dragon fights provide a challenge which is the best bit. You get to point in the game and nothings a challenge an to see a leveled dragon nose diving at you puts you into badass mode.

yeah i understand that but since i have 2 alts and a main it dosnt really phase me. i just really like the idea of if a quest giver dies you just have to sigh and accept that this is why skyrim needs a hero.

Meh I kill dragons in 3 hits so they're not a big deal.

the worst thing about the dragons are when you first travel to a new hold  a dragon may attack straight away and all the locals are running at the dragon head butting it, and someone important dies.

I agree the dragons suck. I was doing all the side quests and whatnot before doing the bulk of the main quest but the dragon attacks got crazy. So I purposely completed the main quest thinking that killing Alduin would put a stop to it. Not really, frequency of attacks went down somewhat but it doesn't end. I think the random dragon attacks should stop after you kill Alduin.

I was getting inundated with dragons, the dawnguard and bandits at every attempt last night. I was about to start one of my level 60 toons that hasn't done the dragon portion of the main quest. I figured I would just get more bandits and dawnguard. The dragons aren't that bad so i'll just play on.

Just dont start the main quest line by retrieving the stone from Bleak Falls Barrow. Dragons wont appear if you do not complete that quest. But, the game is rather boring if you dont.  

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