Tomb Raider part 12 issue

got an issue with part 12 i think it is, when you have to rendevouz with the survivors. you are suppose to get on the escalator lift to go down to the beach. but in my case its not there, the entire thing is gone. is this a bug or a glitch? and has anyone else had this problem, ive tried searching it on youtube and had no luck.


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If I remember the lift is already at the bottom as you have to climb up later on.i could be wrong ive only played once.

the escalator thing constantly runs, back and forth from the beach to the crane, ive seen it on youtube i have no other objectives to complete. just to meet up with the survivors on the beach

Is it the big one you have to go have a glith should be able to jump on it and ride down.mabe fast travel to a camp and make your way back up.sorry cant help

yeh the big one you have to travel down its gone, and one else seems to have this issue lol, thanks anyways i'll keep trying