Tomb Raider Definitive not that "Definitive" lol

Picked it up today just to have another X1 game to play on, and its been a while since I played the original.

To be honest it really doesnt look all to different haha, Laura's model is nicer looking and it seems like select environments look better. Its like certain parts of the game they decided to make look really nice and others they just left it exactly the same xD

What do you guys think thats tried it. I'm not complaining but for next gen you'd think we'd start seeing some more next gen like graphics, so far Ryse is the only thing thats made me go "wow" 


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We really won't be seeing too many games with an overwhelming difference in graphics for a while. Most people haven't upgraded to the new generation. So from a business standpoint, it would be foolish exclude last gen gamers from their target sales. So games are still being developed with the 360 and PS3 in mind. So developers can't really push the limits just yet, otherwise they would end up having to make two separate games.


Games like The Witcher 3 and The Division are where we'll really see what this generation can do since they're being developed entirely for this generation.

I can tell the difference. I think it looks a lot better than the original imo. Btw, it's Lara, not Laura. :P

[quote user="Epic Louie"]

 Btw, it's Lara, not Laura. :P

My bad haha. 

Completely agree with Sword, found that out myself by playing Ghosts on both consoles, pretty much 0 different apart from the overall smoothness.


Call me what you like, but the main reason I'm not getting the definitive edition is because I'm not doing those multiplayer achievements again, otherwise I probably would get it.

Hahaha, I just bought it again because it was a fun game. I doubt i'll ever touch that multiplayer again >.<

I will note though I played the game again after it had fully installed and for some reason it did look a little better, first time i've seen any notable issues while playing a game before it installs fully. But the game also let me play as soon as I hit install which was a first.

But overall, the difference is pretty well like Ghosts, it runs smoother with better frame rates and there is better lighting and details thats about it. 

I'm picking it up tomorrow, sadly I missed it on 360.

Can't fathom why you would want to repurchase a game like that.

Cash grab, plain and simple.

I have never been one to re-buy a game just because the game's visuals look better. Even if the differences were night and day I would still not re-buy the game. 

Let's face it.


"Tomb Raider" was a fantastic looking game on the 360.


For that reason even if it looks better on the ONE don't be surprised to find yourself thinking... well this looks pretty much the same, wheras if you were to play it on the ONE and then go back to the 360 that's when you'd spot the differences.


When you look at the Fatalities in "Mortal Kombat II" they're really showing their age.


However when they came out the first time around they were absolutely amazing... so much so that stuff that was released later and technically was rendered better... just failed to have the same impact.



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