tomb raider codes

does anyone know where the second code is found the first easy enough


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Oh and how did I get level: 2?  ;oo. You advance in level by posting a lot?

^ pretty much but it's a good thing if you post good quality posts and try to be as helpful as you can instead of spam posting like some people do. At the OP what code are you referring to?


the tomb raider code for the new scavenger hunt


lol I see what u did there Isaac Clarke

Minus the S for me... no clue where you found that though.

Casey maybe you're right, artifact not artifacts.

No matter where I get it I will always bring it back and share!!!  lol

thanks for the correction.

Go to the Xbox live rewards site and click on the Facebook icon at the bottom. It should take you to Xbox Facebook page and if you scroll down till you see a picture of Lara. You'll see the word "Artifact" written on her leg.

What's the third code?

The final two are "navigate" and "shipwreck"