Tomb Raider Broken? Stuck and game won't let you progress.


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There should be places you can wall climb around there.

no there aren't any.

I fell off and landed back in to the pit just like this video at 23:30 but the there is now a wall at the end of the stairs that you can see falling on 16:15 to keep you in the fight. I assume it is supposed to stay open after the fight but it does not and the game progression is now stuck. Don't know if it's a glitch or a bug but I have only found one other person with this issue on the net.



I dont think I ever had that issue. I honestly dont even remember a tar pit there haha.

I don't remember a tar pit either.



I just posted your solution but it didn't post?? I think this site is broken...


...anyhow, the gist of what i said was're not supposed to go up that ladder anyway, that's why it fell... To the left, right next to the bridge, there is a post that you can attach a rope to and pull yourself across... You shoot the other end of it near where you were being attacked where the siren was.... Use the LB button often as that will help you get out of most situations.