Tomb of Giants - Oh how I loathe thee!

I can't stand this place.  So g-damn frustrating.  I have the Cast Light spell so it's not so bad, but I'm getting wicked frustrated with this place.  I think it's worse than the Crystal Caves and the invisible walkways.  Ugh!!


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If you have unlocked the shortcut leading to Lost Izalith, there are Chaos Bugs you can kill for a helmet drop called Sunlight Maggot.  It's an awesome helmet that gives off a lot of light, allowing you to keep a weapon and shield equipped while fighting all the giant skeletons.

Also, don't forget to use those Alluring Skulls to distract them, especially when sliding down ladders.

Where is the shortcut to Lost Izalith?

I don't want to spoil the discovery too much, but you have to first reach Rank 2 in the Chaos covenant, then traverse the Demon Ruins till you get to the chamber of the Fire Demon.  Before entering, there is a hole in the wall and some giant roots leading down to the corridor below.  

It's at the door at the end of this corridor.  It's a great shortcut that completely negates all the lakes of lava and two boss fights.  But keep in mind, if you do this you won't be able to get the Lava Ring.

Good to know...I'm in the Chaos covenant.  Ranking up has a steep price of 30 humanity, but the way I figure it, I'll probably just lose it anyway.  I've beaten the Ceaseless Discharge to stop the lava, and grabbed the fire ember.  I'll try to hold off on the Tomb until I can find that light.  Four casts of the light spell was plenty on another build I was playing, but if I could open that spot for another offensive spell, I'd be happy.