Toll booth tokens collectible missing ???? any help ??

Hi all, i seem too be having a problem with the last collectible i need, its the toll booth tokens on act 1, they are not there ??? its the only one im after, is it glitched ?? has anyone else had this problem, i know where it should be as many players have told me, but its just not there ? do i need too clear cache maybe ?? any help would be gratefull :)


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It's not inside the booth with the turret gun, it's behind it. The point on the bridge right near the start of chapter seven in act one.

I believe you have to kill all the Locust in that area before it will appear.

Are you talking about the one under the bridge?

is it possible that someone else picked it up while playing co-op?

If they did, then you would have it too.

Not entirely true. I had to go back and pick up several collectibles, that I had witnessed my friends pick up during Co-op(Standing right next to them when they picked it up). Might just be a glitch. Try signing in a guest, and use that controller to see if the collectible is there.

Sorry, but that's the way it has been since Gears 1. If your CO-OP partner picks up a collectible, then the others get it too. That's just the way it is.

Yeah, I know how it works. Im telling you I was playing co-op with 2 other friends, when I was standing right next to one of them, I saw the collectible as he was picking it up (it was the ax). However when I went back to see which ones I had missed, that was one of them. Even though my 2 friends both had it. Wasnt saying thats not how it works, was just pointing out there could have been a glitch. Like the OP may have gotten disconnected from xbl, or other reasons...