token lost

i just noticed that i have lost all my tokens. i had 2400 tokens yesterday.


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It's a known glitch. They are still there it just might show 0. When you go to buy something they will show up again.

i went to check in the buy a new car section. its only showing 1261. im still missing 1139 tokens.

You might find a bit more help here.

** Edit ** Never mind I see you have already posted there.

Yes all 17 of mine come and go as they please

I've heard/experienced the disappearing token issue - but I've never heard of tokens just disappearing.

You're OP states that you lost "all" your tokens - but then your follow-up states that you only lost some tokens. Are you sure that you didn't inadvertently spend some tokens while trying to find a way to get the "0" to go back to "2400"?

ive been using credits and i never used the option to gain xp faster.

See my edit above...