Toggle Annihilation Maps OFF?

Hey all,

I've just bought all the map packs, they're cool but I'd like to just play the old maps for a while. Is there a way of toggling them off, or do I have to delete them then download them again when I'm ready?



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  Move them to a thumbdrive and take it out when you dont want to play them.

    I actually havent tried it in BO, but it worked for WaW and MW2.

   Or .... you can delete them and download them again when you want them ( you only have to pay once ) but thats a bit more time consuming.

yeah i used to do the thumbdrive thing and it worked just fine for BO. but yeah thats the simplest way, you'll prolly need a few thumbdrives though

Fantastic, thank you very much.

When I want to play the new map packs again, do I need to move them back to the hard drive, or can I chuck in the thumbdrive and let the Xbox run on both memory units?

Yes ......... just run it off the thumbdrive. However I hadnt really thought of what cbond said.

I did just read however that the 360 will support usb drives up to 16 gb for profiles, games saves and dlc.

Annihilation is 767 mb, first strike 647 mb and retaliation ( escalation ) 987 mb .................. so you should be able to use a 4 gb thumbdrive.

I havent noticed the over play of those maps lately. If one comes up, just play it, itll be over in a few minutes. No big deal really.

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