todays problems is games are not syncing up.

been playing all morning and i will just suddenly drop dead alot of times. and when i watch the killcam its show some guy killing me from where i was 10-15 seconds ago. this is not lag. it seems like to me  the games are not in sync. especially on the map mill. i move from cover to cover and see no one in the area so i move and i just drop dead like 10 seconds l8r cause some person on their end saw me at the position i was in 10 seconds ago.  please dont tell me its lag cause i tried playing mw3 and bf3 after i noticed this and everything is fine on those games.   is someone "messing" with the game or is anyone noticing this too let me know.


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You know individual games have individual lag problems....right?  Give it a few days.  New release.