Today's Patch & Akimbo FMGs & Type95

Just played a few matches since the new patch today & as far I can tell, FMGs, Type95 & Striker were all buffed. Anyone else seem to notice that w/ every patch, those guns get better and more used? Secondaries that consistently outshine primaries; shotuns that outrange ARs . . . what a balanced gem this is.


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Shotguns do not out range any AR in this game. If you get within striking distance then the shotgun should ALWAYS win. The shotguns are one of the most inconsistent weapons in this game as well so any help added to them is nice.

Shotguns most definately outrange ARs in this game. I'm not saying every single time, but it happens quite often. Put range on a shotty & tell me you're not killing people farther away, much farther away than you should be. I'll at least admit 1/2 of my shotty kills are BS.

Put Range on a Striker and you might not even bother with the range it has because as soon as they get a hitmarker they can just blast away until they kill you, all while you can do sweet *** all.