To those of you that paid for Titanfal!!

You got burned couldn't just wait another day or two? Now it's free for everyone with a xbox1 in the demo section...

If I recall right , they said there would be enough beta codes for everyone?

People are crazy, they were selling codes on Ebay for up to 35 bucks. Crazy


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Well, some people are that passionate. 


Well, it is THEIR money.

Do we really need a thread that's sole purpose is making fun of and laughing at others?

I think so. Help people realize they don't have to get all crazy for codes and shyt. We must stick together as gamers to not get abused by other players or companies.

9 times out of 10 with threads like this, the op is someone who did the same thing and is just trying to save face by taking jabs at others.

I agree, the people who paid for the beta codes are clearly impatient. I suppose it's their own fault.

I would never pay to get into a beta but with that being said if someone payed $35 to get in the beta a few days early and played it for 10 hrs that comes down to $3.50 per hour. How much do you pay to see a movie $10 -$12.  Yeah people are impatient but then again people have different levels of dispposible income