To the newbies......

Id like to get some friends who are new to xbox. I have no problems with all you gamers out there, but for being online for two years Ive found out I hate you all. So im not looking for people who say ''ya add me!'' then awkwardly never play or answer my messages. I want people who want to chat, play, and generally become online friends. Im generally a nice guy but all you ''MLG'' douches just ruin it for everyone. If you want to be buds then send me a message otherwise why waste both our time. I play halo 4 mostly, halo reach, dead island, left for dead and some indie games.


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ive been around for a year but i agree ive added countless people who said theyll play but never do . just sent you a request

I do work so I am typically limited to weekends. Like now. I'm up and will be up for at least 2 more hours. :)

L4D and dead island I also have.

I completely agree with StreetSurfin same here :/

I'm practically brand new to Xbox, just about three weeks now and roughtly a little over two weeks to gold. I play Halo 4, and have Reach as well just haven't done anything with that. And I play at least once a day usually unless I'm swamped with homework, and even then I try to make some sort of appearance to keep me sane. You all are more then welcome to add me, I get bored playing the games by myself and have been looking for people to play with! =)