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I propose having adjustable maturity levels. Some games, like Assasin's Creed already have the option to remove blood. Why not include this into more games, and even better, also include a language filter, too. (Please don't bleep. That would get really annoying really fast, and everybody still knows what they are saying. I knew when I was like 9, and I was a fairly sheltered child.) As for the language filter, all that would need to be toggled is "game chatter," the irrelevant things they say in reaction to events, but leave relevant speech in a different category, such as where the player needs to proceed or whatnot. You could even make it so there are alternate cutscenes (this would not take long, because the nudity scenes in games are not normally very long, so providing an alternate would not take too much development time. It could be as simple as having them kiss rather than have sex, or have them lie in bed together, but not naked, and just talking, like on old movies.) Then, advertise them by putting that you have the toggle options next to the ESRB ratings in small print. This would expand the availability of awesome games to me, because often the coolest games are those that have the most mature content, but not because of the mature content.


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THANK YOU. I am adult, I love to game, recently my son downloaded The Walking Dead Season One game for me to play (huge TWD fan) and there is SO MUCH CURSING in this game I stopped playing. It has ruined the game for me and I really like the game play where I was in control of my outcome. Can Microsoft PLEASE find a way for those of us who like to game without all the crud???

I really like the idea of adding more mature content to games and having more expansive toggles available to control that content. I don't think it would be all that hard for a developer to tie into the Xbox/Xbox One's built-in parental control features and automatically switch on/off content like that. As well as offering a menu toggle for those who simply wish to turn it on or off by themselves, such as when they are playing with children around (and would wish for more censorship) and playing at night (when it might not be so bothersome), shouldn't be that difficult to implement.

I imagine the only issue comes from the extra expense to create multiple versions of the same content and the extra development time required to create and integrate that content in a pleasing way. There's already a pretty significant investment of resources to create games in the first place, and this would add to the pile. But if designers/developers were to begin budgeting for these kinds of shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility, either.

As a designer and developer I find it exciting to hear about feature requests like this. It gets the creative juices flowing on how I could offer content in an interesting way that makes even more mature games still accessible to larger markets of gamers.

On the other hand, I also struggle with the idea of censorship at the same time, though. If I'm really focused on crafting some sort of storytelling experience, that has characters doing more mature things and those actions or experiences are an integral part of the story being told...I may not wish to have that experience censored in any way. Perhaps something is _supposed_ to be shocking, brutal, or disgusting in order to evoke an emotional response from gamers playing. In this sort of a project I wouldn't really be all that interested in removing content or offering up alternate content to replace it.

Definitely food for thought. Thanks for bringing it up! =)

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