To buy or not to buy?

I really can't make up my mind about this game. I absolutely loved the original Modern Warfare, but after that.. Everything seemed to go downhill for me. My biggest problem was that it became far to easy to for people to get kills with all the fancy gadgets and ridiculous kill streaks (RCXD Grrrr..). Second problem was I started to hate how many different passages and back alley's they put into their maps.

I was just wondering if anyone could list me some pros and cons with the game in terms of multiplayer such as: new weapons, kill streaks, perks, maps.

I've heard there is some kind of automatic grenade launcher... which is really off putting.


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Do not buy its everything you hate.

I'm in the same boat as you - after WM2 and the REAL Infinity Ward left - so did this series.  It just went downhill from there.  Last night i could help but think this is the worst one yet.  I think i was keeping hope they could keep it up - but nope, its over.  Kinda sucks, they did a real poor job and trying to sustain the original items from WM2 - and they horrible coders just ended up with another WAW.

I would seriously rent it and see for youself.  Im telling my brothers not to get it

game sucks out right its basicly 60 bucks for new maps,textures are bland gameplay is all camping yet again its a joke of a game...bf3 is better the very awesome skyrim come out in a couple days followed by saints row

I think it's pretty good.

100% not buy

Yeah, I like it. Nowhere near as many killstreaks as in MW2.

Rent it and decide for yourself.  Nobody's opinion here should matter to you.

I'd buy it just for the campaign and if that wasn't enough, survival mode alone is worth the admission according to IGN. MP looks good too, but I haven't played it yet so I can't really say.

its not that bad,if you liked cod4 then buy it..not nearly as good as cod 4 but this is better than mw2..just ashame the game ending killstreaks are still there but worst of all they have put sprint on the right stick and prone on the left..i play southpaw and tactical and that kinda ruins it for me til i get used to it..but just cant seem to at the give it a go as i said better than mw2.