to be honest....

i don't get what all the hype is about. yes i know it's only a beta and im sure actual game will be better but after playing just a few rounds of the beta im not impressed. i actually find a few things annoying as hell with the gameplay. the damn flashlights are possibly the dumbest and confusing thing ever why are they there?? the control scheme feels wrong i found myself going prone and have no clue why or how and instead of throwing a grenade i knifed air, and why is it i always get spawned back in what seems like miles away from the objective but the other team is right on top of it every time?

like i said, i know this is only a beta but for someone like me who is on the fence about picking this up it's not a good first impression


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well the control thing is just odd right now because im use to COD and last time i played a battlefield game it was on PS3. everything else i said really bugs me. im gonna give it another try later though see if it grows on me

i think the beta is cool and omg when the game comes out.......u know dice did not add everything in this..why?..gotta leave them wantin more?...we i do...cant wait for the 25th

You can spawn off teammates, or if you guys really have your **** together, a recon specialist can advance and deploy a mobile spawn point and your team can use that. Key word being TEAM.   You might want to learn how to play the game before you start listing its features as faults.

even tho im feelin very homefront, im gonna say this: if this turns out to be a true bf game u will like it better than cod, destruction is the best thing to happen to the genre, ever, great vehicle battles-with real people driving and gunning, and conquest, dont know why the beta is rush, but thats why one team is always on the obj, they're defending, and i dont know how the spawn system works now exactly, but in conquest u can at least spawn on a held obj

You have to give it time. The controls aren't the greatest but once you learn them it is second nature just like when you are playing COD. It is sad that this beta will be the deciding factor for alot of COD players but if you have played a battlefield game before you know the final game will be better than this.

As far as controls go, I think that every single game that is on Xbox needs to have a custom mapping feature.  I think that Microsoft should make some sort of mandatory requirement.  That being said, I love the control scheme and I myself have no problem with.  It is different from COD, and if EA/DICE really wants to grab in new players, they would accommodate for this.  I think a simple menu with a mapping feature just like every single PC game has would work wonders for consoles.  Not to mention bring gamers from other franchises into a new one.  All in all it would benefit everyone.

Not trying to be a fanboy or anything, but it isn't really fair to blame a game because you don't know the controls yet...

is this your first time playing a battlefield game?

As I've said before, there's no way in h*ll this joke of a beta could possibly represent the final build. No Way. Dice did their game no favors by giving everyone access to this. Anyone unfamiliar with this franchise that might have been slightly interested are going to base their decision on this and change their minds. I know I would if I were them.