To anyone who has a HD PVR

Can you record video from your xbox and save it to your pvr or does it have to be hooked up to a pc while recording?


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no you'll have to use the green red a blue component cable but you'll still be able to play in HD.

Can your xbox be hooked up to an HDMI cable while using a PVR? Maybe thats why every time I go to record all I have is a black screen. Can some please tell me how to set it up?

Yes it saves on to you PC when you start recording.

I dunno. Just try it and see. Try connecting directly to the box and recording something from theater. Live game play recording, dunno, seems like a PC would have to be there for something, but use trial and error.

No I mean does the PVR have to be plugged in to a computer for it to record game play?

Try to record a game from your theater mode in BOs. That should answer your question?