To all Game-Battles users

Hey Guys I am a Game-Battles staff member and I just wanted to inform you all when you message us about your match issue we do not respond to you. If you want to make contact with a referee for Black-ops,Modern warfare 2, ect... You need to update your match status and we will contact you! 

Step 1: Update Your Match Status

Step 2:Wait until Game-Battles staff contacts you!

Thank you guys, If you have any questions just respond to this post


   MotIves -Game-Battles referee


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Tell people on your own site.


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No one cares.


WTF does your name even mean?

No one cares.

Post this on your forums, trust me when I say that the majority of us here do NOT care for/like Gamebattles.

It has been a long time since I've been on gamebattles good times though.

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Tell people on your own site.

Prepare to get flamed........just sayin'.

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