To all COD player complaining about the hackings on COD.

Since COD is a popular game it's no wonder it has hackers, my suggestion is to play ANOTHER game that most likely won't have hackers. It what you get for play a game like COD... sadly.


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That is a bad suggestion.

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I believe the cod's up to WaW are hack prone, MW2 and BO are clean.

I think its a good idea. No more cod.

Wheres Brink Azure?  Im surprised to not see it on your GC.  Are you done playing it already?

Complaining about complainers.

[quote user="Kramerllama"]

Wheres Brink Azure?  Im surprised to not see it on your GC.  Are you done playing it already?

[/quote]Why should I waist my time with you? (No offense.)



haha this is sound business advice that MS should follow. To all people paying for our monthly network service. If you suspect the game is being hacked then play a different game....hahah so what happens when there are no games left to play?? Why not make a press release then to the world stating " Do not buy these games as they have hackers.  please spend your money elsewhere..."

Hahah give me a break. I am cancelling my subscription, doubt I am the only one. Time for MS to get serious and fix this.  You need to understand it is not the fact of the old game but the fact that all the people who are using the hacks have a modded Xbox.  That should be the a general concern in itself.

Let me guess your advice on the red ring is to buy a Wii? PS3?  

Maybe you should just blanket the situation

"To all who have a complaint about xbox buy another game system"

Actually I have been investigating this for a few days, the newer CODs do have hackers. Just not so many.

Its not azure`s fault. He realized that the moral majority of live players do not like it but decided to stick to his guns, but looks like his convictions weren't strong enough. Duke fans will soon follow suit.

no-one with any sense is going to go over to brink,azure ,you wont recruit any players here