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so i've been hearing that 343i is going to get a title update out to Reach.(just google it). i was just wondering if anyone knows when the update is going to be released.

also can't reply on threads for some odd reason. new forum layout must not like me.


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@LordSion45; Nice Thundercats gamerpic first of all. Second,

i heard 343i should release a date soon.

I've been hearing rumors of "Title update consisting of taking out bloom to get us ready for CE HD @ H4"

I highly HIGHLY doubt that 343 is going to remove bloom, or any other game mechanic for that matter. Tweaking it is one thing, completely removing it is completely different.


Nothing has been confirmed yet, everything is speculation. No official date yet either.

I have confidence in 343i, whatever they do.

They know what the community wants..(ex.Halo4 lol)

Why do people complain about Bloom? Bloom has been in the game since Halo 2, it just never visually showed on the Cross-hair.

Only ignorant people who have never played Halo at any competitive level would try to compare the "bloom" in previous halos to the Reach bloom.

The bloom you speak of was in CE too. Did you ever even use the pistol? Yeah, there was the bloom before halo 2.

The huge difference is that reach bloom is a far bigger deal than any other halo bloom. You could quad shot people in halo 2 consistently and you could TSK people in CE very quickly and consistently. You can't consistently five shot people in reach when spamming as quick as possible. That's why people hate reach bloom, I leads to far slower kill times than previous halos had.

Bloom in Halo 2?


If you count the fact that a bullet from your BR might hit your target in the right eye rather than the forehead, yeah. Sure. And it was even less in Halo 2 than it was in H3, AND neither of them had any significant effect at all.


It should really be obvious why people dislike the change.

The bloom doesn't anger me, but let's be honest Halo 2 was one of the best multiplayer games to ever be created (to this day) and I wish they wouldn't have changed so much in so little time. Small improvements and updated graphics was all it needed.

"Don't fix what isn't broken"

Yeah, they broke H3 doing so as well... I'm just happy to see 343i doing the updates instead of...Bungie...uuhhhhh....



How did they break H3?

All I am asking is that they fix the DLC issue with only having 3 to your HDD. And reducing the time of armor lock. That's by far the most noobish ability in the game.

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