Titanfall season pass

Ive just bought the season pass from xbox live in the uk. The season pass downloaded to my console and I was sent a receipt from microsoft for the transaction. The icon was there in my games and apps within the titanfall game menu and was in the column to be installed I tried to install but it just made the screen flicker and it went to the it may take some time to install so I pressed ok and nothing happened so I tried again and still the same issue.

Ive just looked to see if it was there and now its gone from the install column but its not showing next to the main game withe season pass icon unlike Ryse which ive got the season pass for and tghat sits beside the game.

Can anyone help me with whats going on as its confussing me as everthing says ive downloaded it but its nowhaere to be seen on my console.


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When you go to the season pass in the shop, is Install faded out?

There isn't anything to install yet is there?

Presumably, nothing will happen until the first DLC pack comes out. You have a receipt for your purchase, so I wouldn't worry about it unless the first DLC pack comes out and you're unable to download it without paying for it. I've also bought the season pass and I don't see an icon for it.

Firstly thanks for the replies. Ive turned on my xbox one this morning and the season pass is back sitting waiting to be installed at my games and apps between my game install and my saved game. Yes it says on the xbox store that ive already installed it to my console and is faded out. My mate has got the same issue so im assuming that it isnt be connected to the game yet but you can purchase it and install to console but cant install to game.

yeah not out yet

Same thing is happening to me. Anyone out there that actually installed and played the season pass yet?????

Excactly the same thing happens to me. What is the solution ?

When the first DLC will be release,the season pass will activate by itself.

First DLC coming later in May.

Well the season pass didnt activate itself with the release of the first dlc. I had to go instore to get it and download it from there luckily it was free to download so it reconises that ive purchased the season pass instore but it still wont load to game and sits in the ready to install column.