Titanfall Right Thumbstick Movement Issue (New)

Been enjoying Titanfall problem free for some time.  XBox One.

When I tried to play tonight it was impossible.  Any movement from my left thumbstick was rendered perfectly.  Smooth movements forward, backward, strafe left and right.

However, whenever I moved the right thumstick to look around/change forward facing direction the rendering/video became incredibly laggy/jerky/headache inducing, etc.  This is a totally new issue.  No other changes to my setup.

Any advice?  Game is now unplayable.  Tried rebooting.  I previously updated my controller as well.


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Same thing happened to my buddy this morning and he had to reset his router to get it to work, twice. I don't know if you tried that? If you did and it still isn't working then contact your ISP and have them do a manual reset, it's free and only takes a few minutes. Hopefully for you (reseting at home worked for us) its works as well and you don't have to take it any farther because after putting that kind of money into a game, it's very frustrating when it doesn't work right

game def has some graphic quality issue since the update.

Its funny that nothing has been said to acknowledge it.  AT LEAST make a mention so we all dont think we are crazy!

I can live with some screw ups or whatnot, just be honest.

"hey guys while the last update brought some new features and corrected a few things, it has brought a host of other issues, we are working on it"  lol  NOTHING

Well that worked.  I can't imagine how my network issues could cause lag/video rendering issues for motion related to just one axis of game play (right thumbstick) but... it worked!  Thanks.

I'm having exactly the same issue, movement on the left thumbstick is ok but the any movement on the right thumbstick is very juddery and makes the game pretty much unplayable.

Just got a stereo headset adaptor and updated the controller and thought it might be something to do with that but not sure now as it seems there's a few people with the same issue.

Tried resetting the router and it worked, many thanks guys.

Unfortunately this game seems to be the latest in a long line of games that get worse for me after launch and each subsequent update.  On launch TF was like buttah... Now it's kinda like, I don't know.  The opposite of butter?  Cream cheese?

Same problem Reset router did nothing. Pretty much unplayable since last update. Game played great up till then.

Ok fixed mine. Had not played anything else since getting Titanfall. After reading some posts with similar problems I tried just starting a different game and played Killer Instinct for 5 minutes. Went back to Titanfall and it played perfect again. Must be a RAM issue or something.

So yeah.  Had this happen to me, too.  Exact same problem; movement via the left stick was fine, but any attempt to look around with the right stick (change the x/y axis) caused extreme framerate drop.  Unplayable.

I tried restarting the console VIA the console (holding the power button on the controller, restarting).  That didn't work.  Thing is, I'm not entirely sure that's a hard restart for the console.  

After reading suggestions to restart the router, which didn't really make a lot of sense to me, I just flipped the switch on the power strip/surge protector, which cut power to the router, the XBox One, the TV, etc.

Upon rebooting, the XBox came up with a green XBox One loading screen.  I hadn't seen that in a while, maybe since I first hooked up the XBox.  It took about 10-20 seconds to boot up the console, and after that, the issue was gone.

I would suggest trying a HARD reset of the console, by fully disconnecting the power, waiting 10-20 seconds, and trying again.  I'm not convinced it has anything to do with the network/router.  

for me and like 7 other people the router reset worked perfect, now for some it needs to be taken a step farther and they have to do a hard reset of the whole system

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