Titanfall - Recorded Clips on Upload

Since the update yesterday the Clips I recorded last night has no sound?? Checked other games and they work. Anyone had the same??


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Haven't run into this problem. Have you tried doing a hard reset on the console and recorded a new clip as a test?

Will give it a try tonight when i get home, did a three clips last night and all three was silent? Tested other clips i did before the update and they was playing fine.

I've heard a few people complain about this, but it was before the update. 

faild for sound on Forza 5 as well so not down to the titanfall update :(

I have the same problem with the sound and some of my clips don't even record I see the pop up for the clip recorded, but NOTHING I did a hard restart and it didnt help. I got shafted outta my early adopter achievement as well I reached level 50 before the end of March ( 3-26-14 ) and stay at level 50 until  ( 4-2-14 ) hoping it would unlock, but THE SHAFT IS REAL.

It might be for music licensing reasons.

I'm pretty sure it's because the one is broken.... it doesn't matter what game it is cod ghost or TF B3nchPress said it even does it for Forza5, so its a Xbox problem.

Had a few clips say it was recorded but then not showing in upload so must be an issue with it. Strange because sound is allways a treat when you rip the arms off your mates titan and tickle him with it!