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Hey guys, just picked up xbox one titanfall 3 days ago and i really like this game its refreshing. I wanted to discuss some things about the game for example when i am playing hardpoint or attrition i am having very low real player interactions. What i mean is i am mostly going against real players in titans not on foot. Is this true for you guys as well? Also is anyone else a bit disappointed on the number of weapons available? hoping to see allot more guns added in dlc's. Other than that i really love the fast pace gameplay and titan battles. oh and add me if u want to play titanfall.


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Welcome! With every FPS you will learn where the action is on each map, as for hardpoint you should try to capture and hold the locations, that is usually where most of my pilot vs. pilot battles happen. I myself do not have an issue with the number of weapons in the game because I personally find one I do well with and stick with it. But i do love how they added "Re-Gen" challenges. It forces me to try new things and change my tactics, as irritating as some of them are I find myself grinding to finish them.

There is usually one hardpoint in each map that titans can capture. I tend to go for the others unless I have a titan myself.

I recently found out that the season pass is offered and its actually quite affordable 25 dollars. Definetly picking that up for extra guns.