Titanfall Launch Day Tips: Improve Your KD

I found this site for solid tips, but share yours. I'd love to compile a list. Especially if you have early access to the game or played the beta, please contribute.



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I got a tip. Kill more than you die.

Dont let yer titan walk around on auto, seems like a good way to get more kills, but you are much easier to kill seperately, also always use the nuke on eject, players wise up to that quick, but close with a enemy titan when you know youre gonna punch out its good for the odd titan kill

KD means nothing in this game.  It isn't CoD.  It isn't BF.  There's nothing "tactical" about it.  Just don't get smoked.

What does that mean, exactly? "KD means nothing... there's nothing tactical about it"... what is the point of the game, then, if not tactics?

Kd should not even be in tf with stupid bot runing for easy kills noone should have less then a 3.00 KD for this game

Good way to keep a positive K/D, it takes 2 people, have one guy (with a sniper) on a roof, and and the second guy, covering his back, preferably with something automatic.

This works for both players as it tends to make someone mad when they get sniped and they go after the sniper, so he's getting the snipe kill, and his buddy will  be there waiting when the dude comes for revenge and then (if he's any good) he gets a kill too.

This is one of my favorite strategies because

A.like i said it makes people so red with rage that they lose focus and

B. your not running around like a chicken with his head cut off, you let them come to you