Titanfall game play

So can not wait for this game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H0FLg2wKog


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Sorry about the lazy link

Love it!

Good video ,,Dragons circle you like vultures waiting for you to die ,,and at 5:47 of the vid ,sure as Sh!t ,i see dinosaurs!!Awesome!!

fixed your link :)

I loved how TMarTn managed to take out both the enemy pilot & his Titan. :)

cheers vDEACON i got no idea why it did a lazy link on me, i posted it like to do my others. Doesnt this game look good.

well i'm happy to see all the hype surrounding it.  the Xbox One needs a title that the majority of media seem to enjoy and its userbase is excited about.

And there are the Leviathans! Oh, and those 'Dragons' can't be interacted with according to IGN. Well that doesn't look to be the case looking at that gameplay.

"That little grunt looking thing just got ate! Damn nature, you scary!"

BTW guys take a gander at this http://yourtitanisready.com/