Titanfall Game Chat Issues

Hello I am RBG Persian,

Me and a couple of friends have been experiencing problems switching to game chat on Titanfall. Since Xbox One party chat supports only eight people, me and my friends have to switch to game chat in the Private lobbies when there are 9 or more of us in the lobby. We have noticed this mostly in the Beta Private Match lobbies. Me and my friends enjoy playing the game, but this chat issue is very annoying. We found out that switching to game chat doesn't always work so what we need to do is quit the game and leave the party chat, then start the game up again to be able to make the game chat work. another problem that has occurred, is that sometimes we cannot connect to the same server and it take like 10-15 minutes for all of us to join the same server at times, just to be able to play in our private lobby. Hopefully if this does get read and that this problem will be fixed, we understand stand that everything is new and that there will be issues, but these small ones are something we hope get fixed. 

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I thought the game chat bug was fixed. I experienced the same thing but this was prior to the last update. Since then I have been able to engage in game chats a lot more

Unfortunately, me and my friends are still having issues with that game chat system and joining into each others servers is a pain. We have all but given up on trying to play all  together at the same time. We have just decided to play with eight people at a time because all of us cannot be in party chat, since it only allows eight of us in a party.