Titanfall Expedition – Is it worth it? The answer is no.

Titanfall Expedition – Is it worth it? The answer is no. 

Titanfall was one, if not, the major release title of Xbox One and of course, one of the most awaited game to release on PC this year. It also received mitigated criticisms or positive feedback from within both, the gaming and the press community. Many criticized the long term appeal of the game, while other praised the very intense and fast paced multiplayer experience. Yesterday we saw the first DLC for the game being released on Xbox Live and Origin. Does this first DLC delivers or it is just another titanic disappointment? Read on to find out.

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@ Za0oO

I disagree.  

The game, when it works right with the servers, is fantastic, fun and entertaining.

And since you only have 90 Gamerscore, it is obvious that you have BARELY even played the game.

Wow negative comments from a Canadian?  This game must be horrible.  LOL jokes... I like it but I agree they should have went a different direction with the 1st DLC. Maybe 1-2 maps with a new game play option.

New maps for chump change is always welcome.  

^Agreed. The season pass is a good value even if you only end up with 9 new maps in the end. My only complaint with the Expedition DLC is that I get slaughtered any time I play them because the players seem to be much better. But that's my problem not the developer's.

I do hope the two upcoming DLC will have a few other goodies included too, though.