Titanfall: did it live up to the hype??

Now we are a couple of weeks post release, thoughts??

Personally I'm in 2 minds. Its a great game and a definite shoe in for best mp game out right now but I'm also disappointed.

When I play it I have fun but I don't hang out for my next fix.

I can play for 30 mins and that'll be enough. Playing with mates we'll go for hours but it's more the banter that keeps me entertained rather than the actual gameplay. 

Story has zero depth so has little to no reason to get invested.

I hope the updates bring lots of new modes and content because I can see myself being done with it in a few more weeks. 

Personal opinion so don't take it personally. If you are loving it I am stoked for you!!! :)


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I'd like it a lot more if my old squad would upgrade to Xbox One.

I took a little break to play some Ground Zeroes. But other than that, I've been on Titanfall since launch and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

ive got to admit, im loving it at the moment, couple of mates and myself on it for 3 or 4 hours at a time when we play, looking forward to the new game modes when released plus there free one good thing about the campaign is that it sets up more of a background story for a future game if they ever do a single player mode for a future game that is.

I'm in the same boat as you OP. Only thing keeping me is playing with the broski's. Otherwise I was bored of the game after 4 days... Worst campaign I've ever played and a poor variety of game modes to choose from.

I personally like Dead Rising 3 more than Titanfall and was disappointed to see Titanfall get rated as high as it did by IGN (9.25). It's more of a low 8 if that.

I'm the same way with any FPS online now. I will only ever play for long periods when with friends, because just talking and BS'ing with someone I know makes it a much better experience.

Titanfall is fun, I can actually play it alone for a while. But I think it needs a Pilot/Titan mode only, I think they can at least get one mode balanced without bots.

I'm in agreement with the OP.

I still haven't bought it, on the basis that I have no cable service atm. Is there a code you need with the disc? Because there's some 2nd hand copies for cheaper I can get.

I love it, wish I could play for longer, but have to go to work

Jumped on it again today. Still enjoyable even though C4 throwers are running a muck! I changed my ordnance and joined in. ;)

I usually play it little over an hour a day, slightly more at the weekends. I still throughly enjoy it and think it was well worth the money and hype. The key is, as with any game, don't over do it or you'll get very bored very quickly.

I'm sure we've all been in the situation where we find a new song we love and hate it by the next day. I have other things to do with my spare time though so even if I wanted to, Titanfall couldn't take all my time like gaming used to during my school days.

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