Titanfall and X1 March Update

So I'm reading that MS will release the new system update on March 11. This is very concerning to me. My buddies and I are all taking Tuesday off to play, and if I have to spend half the day downloading a massive update before it will let me on the game I (and many others I assume are ditching real-life that day) am NOT going to be happy. I would hope MS would have thought of this, but I can't find any solid info on this March update.

Does anyone know details (preferably confirmed) on this update? When exactly (day AND time) will it drop? How big of a download is it? Do I need it to get on TF??   !?!



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I'm currently participating in the BETA update and, when it installed on my console, it only took a few minutes (on a 30Meg connection.

I would expect the final update in March will be a similiar experience.

Also if you use instant on mode the the update will download automatically overnight while the console is switched off.

You will then only need to wait a few minutes while the update installs after switching on.

Hey, the update is this tues. The 4th i believe, the 11th is twitch app and being able to broadcast

Not really a legit reason to be concerned, IMO.  The longest updates I can remember took 7 or 8 minutes while most take 1 or 2.  Not really long enough to fret.  As for everyone DL'ing their digital versions of Titanfall on day one?  That's a different story.  Could take an hour or so, which would suck.  

I'm also currently participating in the BETA update. So its not that bad. You should be fine. If you have your xbox one on the auto update setting then you won't have to worry about downloading it during the day that way you can go ahead and play Titanfall.