Titanfall $10 Gift Card Offer For Digital Download?

I see there a promo right now to get a $10 gift card free when you pre-order Titanfall however, I want to get all my games digital from now on. Normally I would just assume there's no way for me to get both, BUT, under the promo it says that my card will not be charged until my game is shipped or is made available for download.

So are they just covering all their bases legally or is there some way to pre-order digital games I don't know about? Because that would be awesome...


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I already tried to do that. if you try to order digitally or something on the 360 for the xbox one version, it will only accept credit cards. I have enough ms $$ in my account to buy the game outright, but it won't let me do that. It will only take credit cards. when I look on the xbox one there is NO option anywhere to buy the game in advance for digital download

will i get my titanfall hard copy on release date since i oredered it from xbox?

I chatted w/the micro$oft store last night and they said if you order from them, the only way to get release day delivery is to use next day shipping, which incidentally was $16.99.  I find this hard to believe considering most other places will ship at a discount or free for release day delivery.  Either way, I'm going with amazon..

Ill take the 3 minute drive to Gamestop (and actually talk to REAL people) then buy TF.